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Overt’s GEN AI

Overt Software is pioneering the responsible integration of generative AI into education platforms. Leveraging models like DALL-E and GPT-4, our tools tap into AI's creative potential to enhance learning. We are developing Moodle plugins for image generation, AI tutors, text summarisation, and more. Led by our CEO Graham Mason, our mission is driving adoption of AI that assists human teaching and learning.

EdTech: AI Advancement + Moodle

Experience rapid, precise responses to your queries. Leverage natural language processing for comprehensive Moodle data exploration, including course analytics and user engagement. Elevate your decision-making and refine your learning environment with ease. 

The Moral Imperatives of Generative AI in Education

The rapid evolution of AI is reshaping the educational landscape, prompting essential discussions about its ethical deployment. The University of Manchester has introduced a code of conduct to offer clear guidance on the responsible integration of powerful generative tools like ChatGPT within educational settings. This framework encourages experimentation, emphasizing the augmentation of human skills, while also acknowledging potential pitfalls such as inaccuracy and bias.

As AI models continue to advance, this code of conduct aims to foster responsible educational evolution by balancing the strengths of both humans and AI, rooted in principles of academic integrity, transparency, and deliberate adoption.

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