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Explore our range of Learning Management System (LMS) / Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). Should you require assistance in selecting the suitable hosting or support package service, feel free to schedule a call with one of our experts using the booking option below.

LMS Support Package

With a standard 2-hour first response time built into our VLE Technical Support SLAs, you can rest assured that your issues will receive timely and effective assistance, leaving no problem unanswered!

  • Choose between Cloud or Onsite VLE Support based on your preferences.
  • Benefit from 24/7 Support Packages with extensive SLAs for comprehensive assistance.
  • Take advantage of Overt's free consultancy service to optimise your student's online learning platform experience.

LMS Hosting and Support Package

Overt Software offers diverse hosting options for your Learning Management System (LMS), catering to businesses of all sizes with custom-tailored solutions. Our hosting packages include 24/7 server monitoring and offsite disaster recovery backups, ensuring data security and reliability. With expert support and proactive monitoring, we address potential issues before they affect your users, guaranteeing uninterrupted learning experiences.

Custom Development

With Overt's expertise in creating custom blocks, modules, and reporting functionalities, we empower you to unlock the full potential of Moodle LMS. Whether it's enhancing default features or developing entirely new modules, our skilled team is dedicated to crafting personalised solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. 

LMS Administration

Simplify VLE Administration with our services, allowing you to shift your focus to more significant priorities as we handle the tedious and time-consuming VLE administrative tasks with ease.

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